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Care signed "Fleurs de Bach"

An invitation to relaxation.

Our treatments use BIO cosmetic products, combined with exclusive modeling techniques and expert hands for a journey to the heart of well-being and serenity.


— Essential Relaxation Massage (60 min; €88)
This massage focuses on tension zones and the circulation of all energies.

— Intense Relaxation (75 min; €115)
A privileged moment of pure relaxation for deep well-being. A scrub followed by a harmonizing massage.


— Absolute Relaxation (90 min; €125):
A body and face massage to release accumulated tensions.

The duration of the treatments includes 5 to 10 minutes for your setup in the cabin and preparation for the treatment.


Séverine Baehrel : A Dialogue with Beauty & History

Head decorator for film and trained in interior decoration and design at the Camondo school, Séverine Baehrel was brought onto the Château d'Étoges project to highlight a story and a soul that needed to be told.

Thanks to the meticulous work of her teams and in collaboration with specialist artisans, you will find in the different rooms of the château furniture that is restored, reused, or sometimes sourced from antiques, serving an ambiance, a heritage, an atmosphere, pushing the journey even further.

If the result seems to fit seamlessly into this building, itself marked by a character and a rich past, it is because it respects the desire to restore Étoges while preserving its personality, origins, and appearance as best as possible. The history of this place was simply too beautiful to part with.