A 17th-century castle with a thousand and one stories.

Welcome to Étoges, which, from visiting kings to illustrious owners, has preserved the soul of one of the most beautiful residences in Champagne.

Whether a royal house or family home, a relay or a stage castle, at the gates of the Ile de France and clinging to the most prestigious hillsides of Champagne, discover a place enhanced by both minor and major history.

A Castle with a Thousand & One Lives

Small and Great History of Étoges

Like many, Château d’Étoges originates from a medieval fortress, but it was the 17th century that gave it its roundness, distinction, and brilliance, making it the charming residence we know today.

A fiefdom of the d'Anglure family, a stopover for François I, and a resort for Louis XIII and XIV, there is no doubt that hospitality is at the heart of Étoges tradition...

Découvrez son histoire

The Art of Hospitality

When it took over the Castle in 2023, NAO Collection was immediately seduced by the particular atmosphere that inhabited the place, which had originally been a family home.

The commitment is sincere, firstly in the service offered to its guests, thanks to a team so attached to the place, but also in the resources and heart put into the work to exalt its superb character.

NAO Collection, heir to the wishes of the previous owners, will be at the service of Étoges, not proposing a new history, but revealing the one that beholds us here, because at all times, we are ultimately only passing through Étoges.

Champagne and Its Heritage: The Region

A true jewel of culture, flavors, and the sublime, Champagne is a region that holds a thousand and one facets.

Theater of major events in French history, your explorations will lead you from historical discoveries to architectural splendors. North of Reims, you will find the wine houses whose names echo in the pantheon of oenology, while to the south, a more artistic soul seems to have seized its plains.

New winemakers, all kinds of flea markets, galleries of painting, and sculpture, there is a Champagne for everyone.

The Park & Its Fountains: 19 Hectares

Étoges is undoubtedly a story of the heart.

At the heart of a region, a village, but especially at the heart of a 19-hectare park where human hands choose whether or not to intervene. From its gardens inspired by French and English designs, from its hill, multiple springs burst forth that have made the domain's uniqueness and astonished the Sun King.

Here water is central, naturally feeding the moats, basins, and fountains, changing the lights, stopping time in its glittering tracks and filling the silences. Witnesses to this spectacle, which began in the seventeenth century, a taxodier several hundred years old is fiercely determined to ensure that the tranquillity of this ensemble is respected forever.

The kitchen garden and orchard

Exceptional cuisine means exceptional flavours. To offer you this unforgettable gastronomic experience, the restaurant and château have their own kitchen garden and orchard, where vegetables, herbs and fruit are grown according to the seasons, to bring to your dishes the sincerity of a terroir through the expertise of its gardeners.

Weather permitting, you too can wander through the alleys, perfect your botanical knowledge, pick a few redcurrants or simply enjoy the shapes, colours and, of course, scents that make up this ever-changing picture.

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